COST Action CA22155 – Network for forest by-products charcoal, resin, tar, potash

About Dissemination Conference Grant

What is a Dissemination conference grant? 

  • The financial support from COST is a contribution to the overall expenses incurred during the conference and may not necessarily cover all the associated outgoings. Financial support is limited to cover travel, accommodation and meal expenses and is paid in the form of a Grant. 
  • Dissemination Conference consists in an oral presentation by an Action Participant of the work of the Action in high level conferences fully organized by a third party, i.e. not organized nor co-organized by the COST Action. 
  • Dissemination Conference: 
  • Significantly increase visibility of the Action in the research community, can contribute to increasing visibility of the presenter; 
  • Attract additional participants and stakeholders and disseminate Action results to relevant end-users at high profile conferences in the field on a topic relevant to the Action. 
  • Dissemination Conference benefits to: 
  • Dissemination Conference Grantee: receives support for attending and delivering an oral presentation of the Action, their activities, and results at a conference and for developing new contacts and potential future collaborations. 
  • Important: The scientific scope of the conference which must support the implementation of the overall scientific objectives of the Action, as described in its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU): 

Who can apply? 

PhD students, postdocs, or permanent researchers at an institution in a COST member country or Near Neighbour Country, giving an oral presentation on results related to the COST Action themes. 

How to apply? 

The application process is as follows: 

1. All eligible applicants must create a complete e-COST profile (also adding their bank account details) 

2. All applicants must send their submitted grant application form and the relevant supporting documents via e-COST system. 

Documents necessary to be submitted for the evaluation are as follows: 

  • Dissemination conference grant application (based on e-COST template) 
  • Copy of the abstract of the accepted oral presentation 
  • Acceptance (or invitation) letter from the conference organisers 

3. The applicant will be formally notified of the outcome of their grant application via e-COST system. 

How to report of Dissemination Conference Grant? 

  1. In e-COST 

1 day and 10 days after the end of the grant, the grantee receives a reminder to upload the report. The deadline to submit the report is 30 days from the end of the activity, within 15 days from the end date of the Grant Period. The grantee receives an e-notification to submit the report and other supporting documents on e-COST. 

The grantee must complete the report template, upload, and submit it in e-COST along with additional supporting documents: 

  • Report template 
  • Certificate of attendance 
  • Programme of the conference or book of abstracts / proceedings indicating the oral presentation 
  • Copy of the given presentation 

Failure to submit the scientific report within 30 days from the end date of the grant, and exceeding the maximum deadline, will effectively cancel the Grant. 

  1. On Webpages and social media of the Action: 

After the granted conference, the Grantee will contact to Science Communication Coordinator Dr Jakub Brózdowski and send him a report of the conference including photos to be used in the website and social media of the Action.