COST Action CA22155 – Network for forest by-products charcoal, resin, tar, potash

Undersökningsyta, Sommaränge, Viksta socken, Uppland 2002

Call for PoTaRCh – WG3 workshop

COST Action CA22155 PoTaRCh
Call for PoTaRCh – WG3 workshop (Brussels, 2-3/07/2024)

The next PoTaRCh-WG3 workshop will be held over two days (2 and 3 July) in Brussels (Belgium), with the first day consisting of plenary sessions discussing the preparation of a state-of-the-art paper on the archaeology of potarch related features, the creation of a GIS- and bibliographic database, the organization of a summer school and the preparation of a best-practice guide for identifying and excavating potarch sites (as mentioned in the MoU GANTT Diagram).

The second day, there is an excursion to the Sonian Forest, situated next to Brussels, and a final workshop session in one of the visitors centers near the forest.

There is place for 20-25 participants for the workshop but because of budgetary constraints, only 10 of these can be reimbursed by the COST-program.

Decision on who will be reimbursed is based on the following prioritisation:

  1. Young researcher
  2. ITC
  3. Gender
  4. Other

According to these priorities, the organisers decide on the reimbursement based on a first-come-first-serve principle. Please indicate with your registration whether you apply for reimbursement. Preliminary registration can be done using here:

There is no inscription fee and the expected cost for the excursion is 7 euro for the train tickets.